Skyline Blvd.

The homeowners had a small concrete patio in place and an old, rotten railroad tie retaining wall securing the hillside behind their home. The concrete had been lifted in several areas and water gushed off the hillside in heavy rains threatening their house. We started by removing the old retaining wall and concrete pad and excavated the hillside to give them a larger usable space (see photo). We then built a retaining wall, highlighted with 4 columns, to retain the hillside(see photo). We installed 2 levels of drainage behind the wall and 1 in front of the wall to contain all of the water from the hillside. We then worked with a concrete contractor to install a new concrete patio, with a decorative paver edging, that sloped away from the home and towards our drainage system(see photo).  The homeowners liked the new wall so much that they then requested we build another 2 walls, with 4 additional columns, to create a level paver patio area at the top of their hillside(see photo).